Status: Being Queried

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A long time ago I was actually quite common in the blogosphere. Then something happened . . . I don't really remember what, but I miss it. I miss it terribly. So I'm restarting this blog, starting over completely. I'm going to stay consistent, I promise. I don't have much else to do. 

So for those of you who don't know me I guess I'll tell you my story. I started writing in the second grade and basically haven't stopped since. I've attended multiple writing conferences, been rejected once, and inspire to be a writer every day of my life. 

I've written a handful of novels, none of which were anywhere near ready to see the light of day. I love to read, also. I've slowed down a bit on that, too, but I plan to start reading lots more. Another one of my passions is filmmaking, but I'd rather not get into that. 

Currently I'm working on a middle-grade project with my dad currently titled Super. I have a lot of faith in this story and it's taken us over a year and a half to develop properly. I'll keep you updated on that. 

For now, though, I've got to get back to some school stuff and writing, but mainly writing, cuz yeah . . . school. 

Until next time,